backfired plan

It's reading week day 6. Wait, make that exam week day 1. And despite whatever resolution to study like I have never before planned in mind, all of them seemed to evaporated when the actual reading week started. Which means I have no done much studying as any typical NUS student would.

So I came up with a brilliant plan. I decided to open up my Psychometrics gradebook. A few days ago, my professor emailed the class about the marks of the term assignment now being available at the school website. Remembering how my horrible score was in the mid term exam (I was the guy with the second lowest marks =.=), I did not dare look at the term assignment marks, knowing for sure I would be geeting at least a C for it.

Faced with the problem with not having enough motivation to open my notes, I decided to shock myself to study by looking at the marks of my term assignment. And guess what turned out? An A. A frigging A.

Now I don't feel like studying even more because of that A. My brain is like, "Whoa get A already, no need to worry about the exam luh!"

As any gamer would say, GG!

On a side note, I found out that a successful ambition is subjective to a person's viewpoint, just like how this comic shows:

I mean, if you were to let me choose to become either Emma Watson's husband or to become the managing director of Singapore's branch of any company, I would surely pick the first choice because a.) Emma Watson is famous all around the world and b.) I don't have to work my ass off and can just depend on my awesome wife now!

And yes, I'm actually quite open to the idea of being a househusband. I blame it on my lazy genes.


  1. lolzzzz seriously a househusband? Or only if it's Emma Watson?


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