and the world's most blur award goes to...

I thought I was late.

I ran for the last 50 meters.

Although I was drenched in sweat, at least I'm happy that I reached in time.

I changed into my working clothes.

I walked to the pantry, where the rest of the ushers usually hang out.

Locked. How could this be?

Feeling panicky, I brisk walked over to the office, thinking that everyone might be there already, getting briefed and all.

Also locked. Now, now, what kind of sick joke could this be?

Now in a full blown panic mode, I took out my phone and checked the event reporting time again.

It has been pushed to two hours later, which means I am two hours early for work.

Kinda ironic right, thinking how you are late for work only to find out that you are in fact two hours early. Lessons learned? You can always be early for work, but you can never be late because suck it up, your boss owns you. And how can one survive without smartphones?

Oh my dear smart S3, how could I possibly survive without you?

I mean, seriously. If it hadn't been for the phone, I would still be at my workplace wondering where everyone went.


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