every time i am reminded that i'm now a year 4 student

The thing about being in uni is that no matter how long you spend here, your mind somehow thinks that you'll always be a freshman. Or at least that's my case. Even though I have been in NUS for more than three years already and can be considered as a very old senior now, my mind still thinks and acts like I'm still new in uni, sort of like in a childish and blur blur way.

I think it's because out of all the years I spent here, the memories of my first year are the ones that are freshest in my mind. It's the time full of exploration and excitement because of the new environment and it was during that time that NUS left its biggest impression on me. I remember looking up to the final year seniors in awe, admiring how cool and accomplished they are back then, wondering how it would be like to be in their shoes, towering above all their juniors.

It's hard to believe that I'm now that said senior and it's harder to believe that my university life is going to end very soon. Somehow, my mind has come to think that I'll spend my time forever studying and whenever I'm reminded of how old am I, I tend to go into denial and cannot seem to accept it. Then it would revert back to its default stage and the cycle repeats.

Oh wells, I guess this is all part of growing up. Before you know it, I could be blogging about being a father already. Hoho. Hopefully not so soon :p


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