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Everyone only has 24 hours in life. It is what we choose to do to that limited time given to us everyday that determines where our life goes, it is our priorities in life that steers our life and obviously from the past few days, blogging was not very big on my priority list, hence the hiatus.

i was hiding from the responsibilities of blogging, you see

Anyways the reason why I chose to come back from my new home in the cave was because for the past few days, my Facebook wall was full of the discussion by my Ipoh friends over a video (or two or three?) depicting how a man was hitting his pregnant wife and something like that. I do not know the full extent of the story, but from the wife in the video purportedly uploaded the videos (which has since been deleted) to Facebook for the world to see (and judge at the same time).

 Like any classic case of slacktivism, the video went viral soon after with people sharing it together with messages such as, "share this video if you're against woman abuse" and other condemnatory messages like, "this guys should so deserve to die" and the likes of it.

While I never supported the act of domestic abuse, I for one also never support spreading messages like this. For starters, although what the husband did was obviously wrong, the act of sharing the video is not going to change anything that happened to the wife. Yes, people might be aware by it but by the end of the day, what are we gonna really do? At most we'll do is to just go the husband's Facebook profile and pour lots of hate there (which was exactly what happened) which in turn could make the situation even worse.

part of the footage

Termed as slacktivism on the internet, the act of sharing things like this have minimal effects at best in the causes that they claim that they're fighting for and in most cases, only serve as an outlet for us to feel good ourselves. Because it is in human nature that sometimes to bolster our self esteem, we try to judge other people in a negative way, so we can appear "better" in a sort of way.

In fact, all the photos and statuses that depicts disgusting stuff like animal abuse and things like that, I'll never share it (with the exception that it is appealing for information), I'll even report it as spam sometimes. Because the message itself is pretty useless (share if you're against this kind of animal abuse!), after all, I'm just gonna be against animal abuse in Facebook spirit, and it kinda gives us the illusion that we are "helping" in a way, which is not. It is not like the people who abuses animals will look to Facebook and go, "Oh man, there's already 5000 shares on that photo, I think we should stop abusing animals nor and start loving them." 

The same goes with other photos/statuses that tricks you into thinking that every share can be converted into real money, photos/statuses that has a bogus curse (you'll die!) or blessing (your loved one will appear!) attached to them and any other pseudo science stuff like "people with the name Luke tends to be more handsome, share it!". But it is still funny though to see how easily people can come to trust all these things when as long as it appears on their newsfeed. Seems like being critical is the last thing on our mind.


  1. Here's a thought, although it might seem as though we who share or like the videos can't really do anything much except to criticize and 'hate' on the other party, we don't do that just to feel good or make ourselves 'better'. What's most heart-wrenching is that the young wife in the video is actually my senior and we know each other mutually. Most of the people who comment or share the vids know her and are really disgusted by her husband's behaviour, and we really want to do something but, as you said, we can't do anything much. I'm not trying to take any sides, but just imagine if the victim was someone you know or your friend. I daresay you might be doing exactly the same thing as most of us are doing now. Perhaps it's just because the incident does not really relate to you, that's why you think of it this way. Well, that's just my opinion. No hard feelings. :)


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