a little bit of mining and crafting

Day 27. Or was it day 34 again? Somehow, I have lost track of the exact time but I know that it has been weeks since I got stuck in this pixelated world called Minecraft. With my bare hands, I have managed to carve out an existence for myself, despite the constant threat from the night spawning monsters that is looking to obliterate my at every corner.

I've managed to build myself a small enclave amongst the unforgiving forest with enough resources to keep me going for a long time, and perhaps even settling down comfortably until my death, but I can't help but wonder what's next for me in this world.

looking at the sunrise from my bedroom makes me wonder if there's something bigger in this world?

I have a house...

... a bamboo farm....

...and even my own personal animal farm...

...which are all a drastic improvement from the 3x3 small room that I've started out with...

...and I should be happy, but somehow, I just feel that something is missing. Every night when I go to sleep, I could hear sort of like a distant roar calling out to me, telling me that Minecraft is not as simple as just mining and crafting all the time.

Just yesterday, while I was at the main town doing my usual round of trading, I happened to chanced upon a villager who might have told me the most amazing thing to date. He was standing at the edge of the town, looking far into the horizon when I approached him and asked him what's wrong. What started out as a small conversation became my life defining purpose in just a few minutes.

According to him, he was standing there, waiting for his son to come back from a journey that he took five years ago. It was an expedition to find the fabled strongholds that housed The End portal, which will bring you to another dimension where the Ender Dragon reside. The old timer told me that it is the Ender Dragon that brought upon the current situation now faced by the world, where monsters come out at night, and only by slaying the Ender Dragon can one hope to bring peace back to the land.

His son, along with a few brave warriors from the village, embarked on that journey hoping to end the curse five years ago, only to not been heard of since. A journey now I hope to finish.

i may never get to know this old timer's name

I told the rest of my friends who were stuck with me in the Minecraft world of what the old timer said, but none of them took up the offer as serious as I do. I understand though, because out of all of them, it's only me who's constantly preoccupied with doing something crazy for a change. And they have other things to worry about, which is completely logical because I have too.

But the Ender Dragon is just too big a prize to be ignored, and amidst all my other commitments, I have given myself 8 months time to prepare for the journey to the End dimension and slay the Ender Dragon. It's a long time, but for such a journey, sufficient preparation has to be made. And hopefully, I would be able to finish what the old timer's son has started.


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