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I've been busy lately. So busy til the point that my good friend, lukeyishandsome(dot)com has to suffer. I've been declining/ignoring almost every event invites that has been coming my way for weeks now (perhaps that would explain why blog related emails in my inbox has been reduced to a trickle) and that is still not enough to free up enough time for me to not feel stressed everyday. 

I know I've been complaining non-stop about this for almost every blog post I wrote for the past few entries now, but knowing that a part of the pain is caused by someone other than me just kinda add on to the stress. Screw you, NUS's Psychology Department, for putting me through so much suffering just because you need to follow your stupid quota for classes while ignoring the student's plea that he cannot possibly survive in a subject that he's weak at. 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, NUS: Teaches you the importance of being rich every CORS session

Note to all current Psychology majors in NUS: If you don't have more than 3000 CORS points by the end of your third year, just graduate. Because even though you might have a CAP of 5.0, you would still not be able to fight with all those rich students and end up getting modules that you hate and absolutely suck at, thus indirectly leading to a very bad honours year that might even cause you to fail. Trust this words of wisdom coming from a senior who has been through it, because NUS Psychology Department is one of the cruelest place on earth.

Despite all the negativity, one of the good things that did happen to me, call it the silver lining, if you must, was the Positive Psychology class PL4880G that was allocated to me, under the guidance of Dr Grace Lee, who also happens to be a big consultant for companies outside.

Under her guidance, I've come to appreciate the importance of staying happy in life (improves your health, life longer, look more handsome, although I'm very handsome already etc) despite all the negativity in life, which I think my life has been full of for the past few weeks, judging from the amount of self-complaints that I've made. Besides, being stressed for a long period of time increases the risks of you getting sick because it compromises your immune system and sick is the last thing that I want to be in now.

So, from today onwards, I've made a sort of resolution to take up one of the most supported research in the field to increase one's happiness in general for my daily blog postings, which is to write three things that I'm happy for daily, in hopes that it will help me somehow overcome this 6 months and not shorten my life in the long run. To be honest, one might feel accomplished when he/she steps out of the comfort zone, but being happy is not a definite guarantee.

Now, to start off, three things that I'm thankful for today:
  1. I'm thankful that despite having 4 difficult modules to deal with, at least one, Positive Psychology, teaches me that Psychology can indeed be used to bring good to people's life. For example the area concerning Positive Psychology
  2. I'm thankful for God actually, despite how much I am led not to believe in an existence of an omnipotent being that constantly watches over you, for somehow keeping me alive under all this pressure
  3. Finally, I'm thankful for everything that I have been facing so far. It teaches me the value of strength, of knowing who I really am and it makes me appreciate all the little things even more :)
Hopefully this effort doesn't get ditched halfway.


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