this post is probably boring

Out of desperation, I managed to pick up enough energy to force myself to study today. Yes, you did not read it wrongly, desperation is the word. I need to study desperately.

When I first voiced my intentions to major in Psychology more than three years ago, I didn't believe my seniors when they said the Psychology Department in NUS is one of the most cruel place that you can find on Earth. I thought, "How bad could it get? It's not like they will eat me or what."

Well turns out that they can do much worse, like giving you a module that you know you'll absolutely fail in because you have either never taken it before or you have failed badly when you took the exposure modules. I know that the classes have their own capacity, but to force students to take subjects that they have zero interest in or weak at it makes me feel like I'm stuck in a shopping center or factory instead of a university, a place where you're supposed to pursue your "dreams".

"Ooops, it seems like we have run out of stock for this subject that you want, would you mind taking our other product that is in stock instead?" (Click for a better view)

But being merely a normal student with no connections nor authority and who is stuck in this unforgiving bureaucratic system, what else could I do than to suck thumb and grudgingly accept my fate? And when you are given something that you do not excel in, you don't have much choice except to work harder than everyone else. Like 1000 times harder.

I just hope the piece of paper called degree that I'm getting at the end of the day is worth it.


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