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When I was in school last time, I remember having this fearful respect of the teachers, where no matter what they say, I will listen to it as if they were instructions from my parents itself. Which is why I always kept my hair and fingernails short, afraid of the punishment that I would receive should I choose to disobey the school rules and the teacher's instructions. 

And back in my days, teachers were respected and feared by the students, and they were not afraid to carry out their duties with authority. Students who flaunted the school rules were either sent to the school barber or given a painful stroke of the cane. We never complained and we grew up fine.

Not anymore though. It would seem like teachers nowadays are losing their authority with each passing day, it would seem like teachers are more like maids and the students are the bosses. Somewhere along the line, someone decided that it would be a good idea to switch the teacher's authority and give it to the students instead.

There's a lot of stories that are going around about the horrors of being a teacher, but the one that I read today just topped my list of "Why it is just plain impossible to be a teacher nowadays". The story goes that a mother decided to file a police report against a teacher for cutting her son's hair, claiming that the haircut was expensive (60$) and the teacher had absolutely no right to ruin such a beautiful haircut. Okay I reworded a little but the gist is there.


Yes, I know the mum used her son's dyslexia as part of her argument but come on, the teacher is not even discriminating the student based on his condition. She was just merely carrying out her job. Maybe the mum was afraid that this experience would permanently scar her son for life.

But then again, if we were to shelter the generation from young, choosing to shield them from any criticisms, rejections and disappointments, how are they going to react when they step out to the real world, where it is much more cruel? (Scientific research seems to back the idea that too much sheltering will not be good for the child as they're not trained to deal with rejection, disappointment etc. Read more here).

And if they grow up thinking that the world owes them a living, how would they treat their friends, colleagues and people around them later in life? And how would the teachers have confidence in doing their job if police report is one of their occupational hazard now?

Well, in a way, I envy the children born in this generation though. Having iPad, iPhone or PSP by the time their fingers know how to move, where handphones are given to them as a necessity rather than a luxury and having their parents lodging police report against anyone who dares bully their child, teachers included, they're really a privileged bunch, aren't they?

Discipline. Apparently it's a fast disappearing method of raising our kids now.

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