from an X6 to an S3

After like what seemed to be a thousand years of desperately trying to hold on to my dear old Nokia phone and trying to resist the change to a smartphone, I finally succumbed to the pressure and gotten myself a Samsung S3 a few days ago. Not that I want to change though, but it's more like I NEED to change.

It's amusing to note that it wasn't Twitter, Facebook nor Instagram that finally convinced me to throw away my dear old Nokia that I've used for more than 3 years now, but rather it was Whatsapp that finally made the kill. I blame Whatsapp solely. Together with the dawn of 3G, a lot of people that I know started to find the idea of using 3G to replace the traditional SMS system very appealing and with the added group feature, it seems like Whatsapp is the ultimate messaging tool. Sad news for people who cannot benefit from the 3G network like me.

and sad news for my phone too

To my dismay, I found out that people are increasingly using Whatsapp to coordinate meetings and hold important discussion until I find it almost impossible to keep myself updated using my old non-3G enabled X6. In fact it was impossible to do anything. And trust me when I say it doesn't feel good of being constantly the last person to know about important stuff.

So left with not much of a choice, I had to dig out the 900 bucks that I earned from my work, all those sweat and long standing hours, and went ahead to purchase the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S3, since so many people are talking about it and since I wanted to show off.

Little did I know what a pain it would be for a overseas student like me to obtain a phone in Singapore. In total, I had to make 4 trips down to the shop, paid a 200 dollars deposit and sign tons of forms before Starhub would finally trust me with the phone and that I won't run back to Malaysia with it. If even buying a new phone is so much hassle for non-PRs, I can't imagine how life will be after I graduate. And yet there are some Singaporeans who still complains about life being hard of them. I guess when you cannot see a lot of things, you'll take them for granted.

Well, to cut a long story short, I finally got the phone and now I'm living happily ever after. The end.

and this is your happily ever after photo

P/s: Though I must say the battery life for S3 really sucks. I had to charge 2 times per day just to keep the phone running. But aside from that I am totally loving the camera and the interface. Oh well, happily ever after, with some battery problems I guess


  1. If it bugs you a lot, you could do like Joshua and grab a battery pack...


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