"Have your existence made the world a better place to live in?"

This question popped up in my mind quite randomly one day when I was busy lamenting the fact that I have suddenly so many new found responsibilities in life and was wondering what's the purpose behind all that I did and was doing.

I remember that once upon a time ago, before university happened, how I longed to do great things, to change the world to that extent but somehow, after coming to Singapore, my focus have seemed to take a drastic turn on itself. Instead of having big dreams like I used to, my focus have been sort of shrink down to much smaller things, like doing this by today or attending that by that day.

There's no more big dreams like changing the world but instead, I can even be happy now as long as I'm able to attend that one meeting. I guess this somehow has to do with the hectic lifestyle though. When you're bombarded with so many things that require your attention, for example your studies, your commitments and your hobbies, you have no time to look at the bigger picture and have to choice but to reconfigure your goals to a much smaller and short term basis.

And that's what I've been doing for the past 3 years though. Trying to get by on a daily basis, being happy as long as I accomplish the things that I want to do on that day without really thinking about the reason why am I doing those things. I guess this is how the rats in the rat race are born.


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