a little paintball outing

By some random stroke of luck I ended up in the paintball field for the second time in my life today, after vowing not to played it again after my first experience back in Ipoh, but well, peer pressure can be a very strong motivation force. Besides, I told myself that this time, after my first experience, I will go prepared this time. With a full body armor or something like that. So I won't end up with loads of bruises like the first time I went. But still, I still somehow managed to screw up. More details later.

The paintball park that we visited was called Red Dynasty, located at the Bottle Tree Park near Khatib MRT station and it was decided that paintball would be a great outing for our orientation group. I personally prefer laser tag though, because it's pain free, but since Singapore doesn't have an indoor arena, I guess paintball would suffice. Besides, it has been 3 years since I last said I wanted to play paintball since I first came to Singapore but every time there's the concern of money, time and studies among my friends so I sort of gave up suggesting halfway so this would be the first time I'm actually stepping into a paintball park since first uttering "How about we play paintball?" since three years ago.

the place that we went to. sounds chinese-ish if you ask me, like a restaurant but oh wells

le innocent students waiting for the safety briefing to start

Two things that I learned from today's paintball outing: First, running in real life does not equate to running in virtual world though. You may be able to run a lot from building to building while taking down tons of enemies in a game, but when you're in real life, even a paintball gun can be freaking heavy to run with, added with the fact that your body has never exercised for the past three months before. And secondly, I need to exercise. I really need to exercise.

pre game camwhore!

That being said, I do find that the paintball session this time was much different that the one I experienced back in Ipoh though. I think it's mainly because of the field we play in. The field that I played back in Ipoh was centered around an abandoned house where we need to attack the house to save the hostages, whereas this time it was just at an open field with random obstacles along the way to protect you. And then there's this rule where you cannot cross the center line too.

It was less adrenaline pumping in a way, because you know where your opponents are (opposite the field) and most of the time you'll end up firing from the same position for quite long. But I'm not complaining though, because as compared to the first time I played where I can zip across the field without much effort, after 10 minutes into this game, I was gasping for air and close to puking. Well I did puke actually when I reached home, but like I said, I need to exercise.

post game photo. you can see some of us literally drenched in sweat. me mostly

Still, it was an awesome experience. I did get shot a few times but thanks to my ample preparation (I just brought my thick ass jacket), all I ended up with are yellow paint stains on my jacket and pants, with no bruises this time round! Awesome.

Am looking forward to going again. And note to self: exercise more. Plus don't eat a heavy meal before the game. Puking is not impossible.


  1. Sounds like a brilliant time, despite the post-match puking! Another good tip; hydration is absolutely key, so bring plenty of water. Don’t try to drink it on the course though as you’ll have to remove the paintball goggles, which is of course illegal.


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