when people tell me they read my blog

To be honest, whenever a friend or an acquaintance comes up to me and say that they read my blog, even after more than years of blogging, I still have no idea of how to react. While I'm sincerely happy that there are friends who support my blog, I have trouble conveying my feelings out to let my friend know that I'm more than grateful and happy that he/she is supporting my blog without sounding too fake. In the end, what comes out is one really awkward response.

The problem with me is that I tend to overthink things. Even a simple response to a simple sentence. On one hand, I would want to show that I truly appreciate the gesture and their support means a lot to me but on the other, I'm afraid if I let my true emotions out, it would come across as too fake or forced.

Is there any correct way to act when someone praises you? Or maybe I should just follow the meme's way.

Or maybe not. Is there a manual that comes with this?


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