the responses that people give when they see a sales personnel

Come tomorrow, Lukey the blogger will have to transform himself and to work as Lukey the Membership Associate again, or in simpler terms, "a promoter who tries to sell fresh graduates NUSS membership for the price of 2000 dollars". A job that I don't really fancy but when you're an Arts major with no impressive grades to show off, you don't really have much of a choice when it comes to jobs.

And when it comes to dealing with sales people, I can so see the types of people that I'm going to be handling tomorrow already. Among the responses that people give when they see me, the salesman coming, sorted according to their frequency, are:

people who thinks that you are only suitable to talk to their hand. the rudest ones, if you ask me

those who try to be polite but yet don't wanna waste any time with you

the awkward penguins

also try to sound polite, or genuinely interested, those that you need to spend tons of time and saliva trying to convince them only for them to say that to you

they're interested with loads of questions for you. and if you're good enough, they will buy for you

the people that every sales person dream to see. no questions asked. they just want to pay you

Doing sales made me realize that people, in all their business and rush, sometimes forget that the sales people are humans too. I'm okay with people who smiles and says they're genuinely not interested, it's those who stare at you rudely and raise their voice saying "No, no, no" that irks me. Somehow they tend to think that they're of a higher status people while those who does sales are like scavengers who are after their money.

But then again, I'm already train myself to get used to rejection. I just hope when I start work tomorrow, most of the people I have the courage to actually approach will be the 6th category ones. Crossing my fingers and toes for that.

And speaking of which, what type of person are you when you see a person with a clipboard walking towards you?


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