le graduation observation

I've been working at the commencement ceremony, or in layman terms, the graduation ceremony, for the NUS graduate class of 2012 for the few days and after hours of observation being endlessly rejected by them as I try to sell them the NUSS Graduate Club membership, I came across a very interesting observation.

You see, when a university student graduates, one thing that you can surely notice from them is that they're really happy. Be it from their faces, their body language or even the commencement/graduation speech, it would seem that suggest that they're really glad that this university phase is finally over for them and it's as if that a really heavy burden has been taken off their shoulder.

Which is why most of the graduates I saw were brimming with joy and practically celebrating the end of their university life.

le typical feature that you'll find at the ceremony

While I don't deny that university life is tough, a part of me hates the assignments, exams and  responsibilities too, I don't think I'll be as joyful as most of the graduates I see when it's my turn to leave university life. After all, when you graduate, it marks the end of one of the best period of your life and signal the start of working phase of your life (if you're not planning to keep on studying that is), which if you ask me is one of the most torturous period of your life. 

I'm not saying that every work is bad, some might get to do stuff that they enjoy for work, but by the end of the day, a lot of us would be stuck doing things that we do not enjoy, working for the sake of surviving and earning money, despite how much we would not want to be associated with a life like that. After all, no matter what the mainstream says about enjoying life and following your dreams, we cannot escape the clutches of the statistics that will ultimately throw a lot of us into the middle of the bell curve.

I do not know what my future holds for me or what work will I be doing, but what I know is that life is not gonna be as fun anymore after my graduation. It might be better, if I'm lucky, but I know I would be more sad than happy when the period comes, because I know I will never get back this period once it has passed.


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