le custard yolk bun adventures #2

I'm bored. So I'm gonna continue the adventures of Lukey and the custard egg yolk bun! Consider this as an episode 2, you can. And if you have not read the pilot blog post yet, do check it out at http://www.lukeyishandsome.com/2012/07/le-custard-yolk-bun-adventures-1.html. Same rules apply here, only tagged Facebook profile pictures shall be used!

#2 !

Disclaimer: This story is going to make no sense at all. But hell, all in the name of fun!

And there goes the second installment of Le Custard Yolk Bun Adventures. Hope you enjoyed it! For the uncensored version of the middle finger picture, do check out the third installment coming to you next Monday, 22nd July 2012! I've decided to release the story every 3 days so for you all who are here just because of the custard yolk bun, you know when to check back!

And oh, wish me luck for tomorrow's Singapore Blog Awards 2012!


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