le custard yolk bun adventures #1

Tonight, I'm gonna be totally random. I'm gonna head over to my Facebook profile's photo page at http://www.facebook.com/lukeypch90/photos, take the first 20+ photos I'm tagged in (minus those with the same poses) and tell a story through it. Because I'm felling spontaneous tonight. And bored. Without inspiration. So here's how my photos look like (so you won't say I'm cheating):

le censored part is because it's le gf's Facebook profile I'm using

And here's the story I'm gonna be telling.

And without him knowing, it's already 4am. Who knew just putting captions unto pictures can take up so much time. So I guess instead of 20+ pictures, I'll just let it rest at 5 for now. Anyway, do you think I should continue with this random storytelling until I reach the very first photo in my Facebook profile? Or I'm better of doing some other thing than storytelling.

If you want me to continue this Custard Yolk Bun Adventures, do let me know by dropping me a comment. Else I would just take the silence as a hint that this whole idea is but a waste of time.

Til the next custard yolk bun, happy eating!



    Now i'm famous because lukeyishandsome blog is famous. :-P

  2. don't stop! i want to find out what happens... xDD


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