how to make a tumblr quote

Steps on how to make a Tumblr inspirational quote.

Step 1: Take a random picture. It could be of anything, be it a scenery, a person, or an object, as long as it somewhat reflects what you are going to say. DSLR taken pictures is of course preferred

Step 2: Instagram it. To give it a classy/hipster feeling

Step 3: Insert your own random quote into it. It doesn't have to be incredibly insightful or deep, just some normal sentences and things that you would say in real life

And you're done! Your very own hipster/Tumblr quote. You can start sharing it on your Facebook, Twitter and blog with your friends and who knows, you might just find people posting up the picture that you made everywhere. All it takes is just three easy steps. How awesome is that?


  1. where can i find a program to insert text into a photo?


  2. Heeey thanks for the pic lool.. how did u get those bubble thingy on ur pic? :S id really like to know.. thanks! xx

  3. @Marco: I just use Microsoft Powerpoint

    @Anonymous: I get the effect from


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