closing the deal

After 13 days of being a Membership Associate of NUSS for 13 days, my work finally came to an end yesterday. Funny though, because despite swearing never to touch sales again, after numerous attempts of trying to secure a job, I still end up doing sales. I guess maybe it's because of my previous experience in it or because sales is a really easy job to enter.

Although the job wan't really easy to begin with, after all, people do have such negative impression of sales personnel and it's not easy to talk to them, I did learn a lot from this job and my colleagues were quite cool too. We're now even friends in Facebook. Besides, one of the good things working as part of commencement is that you get to appear in a lot of commencement photos.

Those are just the four photos that my friends uploaded so far. There's a lot more too, considering that I was there for almost everyday. I've took so many photos until NUC decided to let me commence too.

Just kidding.

I guess when it comes to work, aside from doing something that you love a lot, the kind of colleagues you get also matters very much. I was lucky to have a boss that is not evil and quite the slacker like myself and also colleagues who are friendly and funny. There was not much of politics involved (when it comes to sales, politics can get quite scary) and most of the time we're having fun during work.

Like I said, I was lucky. Lets just hope this luck lasts until my graduation.


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