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Direct sales is perhaps one of the most ironic jobs. Almost everyone hates meeting a sales personnel on the street, the "speak to my hand", "I can't see you" and "I got no time" are a few particularly famous strategies of dealing with them, and a large percentage of sales personnel totally hate their jobs. But yet direct sales still remains as one of the most popular marketing strategy used by companies.

What loads of Singaporeans hate meeting: People trying to sell you something on the streets

For the past few days, I was (and still am) one of the many salesmen out there who people would totally loathe to meet on the streets. I was called an "membership associate", a real fancy name for a person whom used to be called a salesman, and my job is to convince the NUS graduates of 2012 to take up membership for one of the most expensive clubhouses in Singapore, the National University of Singapore.

It's not my first time dabbling in sales though, once upon a time ago I was a promoter actively trying to sell internet broadband plans, and after that experience I swore never to touch sales related job again. One reason being that everyone hates you, the other being that the competition and stress is just crazy. There's the sales quota that you have to meet, coupled with loads of office politics where colleagues trying to outsmart each other and would not mind using dirty tricks just to push their figures up.

But one thing lead to another, and here am I, back in sales again. Though the job is still as taxing as ever (six hours of standing with non-stop talking) somehow I seem to enjoy talking to strangers and trying to convince them to pay me 340 dollars up front. It's pretty strange though, given the fact that I absolutely hate talking to strangers, being the introvert I am.

And stranger still, I even go to great lengths just to improve my sales chances, for example styling my hair everyday to work, something which I don't usually do, because it wrecks my hair and it's too troublesome. But knowing that looks play a big part in convincing people, I just went ahead.

how I normally look at work, along with my card

The look kinda reminds me of Ultraman, don't you think?

But of course, the one on the left looks more handsome definitely

Somehow I'm beginning to think that sales isn't such a bad thing after all, considering the fact that what I'm selling (NUSS membership) is something of prestige, where some uncles would pay 10 000 dollars just to join, and that my supervisor drives a frigging nice BMW. But of course, I would only consider it as a viable job if my other alternative is flipping burgers at McDonalds. 


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