there comes a time

There comes a time in every university student's life when we are forced to choose the path we want to take in our life, a path that would determine the direction of our life til the day we die. That time for me is now.

Perfect illustration of what I'm facing right now

Every university student knows this. By the time we graduate, we need to find work. It is the rule of life. It is what we need to do to survive. But next comes the toughest question. What kind of work should I find? Should I find one that pays me the most? Or should I find one that I'm passionate about? Or should I stick to something that is relevant to my degree? Or should I do something that I'm good at?

Money. Passion. Relevance. Skills. Those are among the few thousand considerations that we must entertain when we are looking for jobs. How we weight those areas will determine where we are headed for the rest of our life.

I went for another job interview today, this time for a Research Assistant position, one that is looking for someone with Psychological research background. I figured out that since I am about to spend four years of my life studying Psychology, why not do something related to it so the thousands of dollars spend to get that paper degree of mine wouldn't go to waste. Oh, how wrong I was.

It turns out that an interview for a job relating to your field of study is no different from sitting for a final exam, or taking a quiz in that matter. I was asked all sort of questions relating to research design. What are the four types of reliability, what is content validity, describe the differences between experimental research and quasi-experimental research, you know those type of questions that would normally appear on an exam sheet. The only problem I had? It's holiday period and what I studied I had gave everything back to the lecturer already.

le interview felt strangely like this

In the end, the interviewer had no choice but to say, "I hate to say this, but those few questions that I asked should be right on to of your mind", which I half-heartedly wanted to replied with, "If I had known the interview would be like this, I would have studied yesterday", but then realized that I should have known better, so I kept my mouth shut. Embarrassment. That was me during that time. 

The interviewer must have noticed that on my face and in an attempt to help me, chose to take another look at my now pathetic not-so-good-looking resume and asked me about my videography experience, in which I promptly reply about the work that I have done, the videos that I have made (which was much better attempt than the replies I could muster for his Psychological related questions) and in response, he mentioned about a video project they're working on right now and asked me whether I would like to join.

One thing lead to another and I was sitting in a meeting room, giving my inputs and ideas on how to produce that corporate video they are planning to make for a community project of theirs.

it's like I wanted an apple but got an orange inside instead

Funny how things turned out in the end, right? Me wanting to find a job that is related to my field of study only to be offered a job in something that I'm good at. If only I can be good at my field of study.

Which is why I'm having sort of like a directional crisis right now. What I want to do in life, where should I go, you know, those type of questions. And it's not easy to come up with an answer though, knowing that life is only going to get tougher as you go and when you step out to the working life, if the best that you can manage is the average level of others, you're going to have a really hard time.

In a way, this experience has been a good wake up call to me. It teaches me that if you really want to function in society, you have to be good at something. Really good. Something that if everything fails, you can always fall back to it. Being a Jack-of-all-trades may give you awesome experience, but if you're master of none, people wouldn't really want you for any jobs.

And perhaps it's time for me to decide what I really want to be good at.


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