[Review] Snow White and the Huntsman

Kristen Stewart... is rumoured to be the fairest of them all. Or at least according to one melting gold mirror that who knows came from where. Damn, they should have so checked the warranty when they got it.

Fairest of them all, she is. With that poker face of hers, that is

To be honest, I don't find the movie horrible as per prediction (maybe it's my lack of expectations) and generally think that it's an okay movie that you might want to watch to pass the time with. Warning: Some spoilers included in this post.

In general, Snow White and the Huntsman stayed true to the original fairy tale that we used to hear during our childhood or watched from Disney. There's the far far away kingdom, the evil stepmother, the speaking mirror, the seven dwarfs and of course the true love's kiss, albeit in a darker and more adult manner. While some may like the familiarity, some may find it too predictable and boring. I for one, enjoyed how the movie chooses to stay true to the original story while trying to paint it in a more realistic version, more like a grown up version of the fairy tale.

Sadly, for me, that's where the enjoyable part stops. While Charlize Theron gives a superb performance as the evil queen, my blood freezes every time I see that cruel expression of hers, the rest of the cast falls short of my expectations. For starters, one would expect to take pity on Snow White and side with her in the movie but no matter how hard I try, the only reaction I can give to Kristen Stewart's Snow White is indifference. I don't care if she lives, if she is captured by the queen or disappeared halfway throughout the movie. She doesn't quite convince me with her acting. And Chris Hemsworth can't stop reminding me of Thor with that voice of his.

This evil stepmother is one hot villain

Furthermore, the movie is a bit tad anti-climatic. For example, when Snow White is supposed to be giving an inspiring speech to rile them to rise up against the evil queen, normally you would expect to feel goosebumps and want to scream, "Me too!" yourself. Just imagine the scene in LOTR 3 before the Black Gates where Aragon said the famous "But not today" speech. Sadly, when Kristen Stewart delivered hers, I was more like, "Are you sure princess? I don't think we have much of a chance out there". I don't know who is more at fault, the terrible scriptwriter who has no idea how to write an inspiring speech or Kristen Stewart's acting.

The final battle also feels a bit chaotic whereas the middle of the movie is a bit too draggy. It gives you the feeling that the production crew was taking their own sweet time throughout the movie only to realize that they have a deadline to meet at the end. And you would end up with a ending that feels very forced. And where's my happily ever after?

But all in all, the movie is not that horrible. You could watch it to experience a whole different type of fantasy world that is quite breathtaking and realistic or you could watch it to experience Snow White in a whole different level. But do not have too high of an expectation or you could walk away disappointed. My take? I think they should have let Charlize Theron played Snow White and Kristen Stewart the evil cold stepmother instead. Would have been more enjoyable I suppose.


  1. Wonderful review. I thought the film has very nice visuals and good score, Theron was truly fantastic and it was great to see the Queen given a backstory, but the movie was definetly too long and boring. They should have focused on Ravenna.


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