my #SBA2012 weapon


a Panasonic HC-V500 camcorder loaned to me as part of the requirements for the Singapore Blog Awards (SBA2012) Y-Bloggist category. You see, unlike other categories in SBA2012, the bloggers under the Y-Bloggist category have an additional task to fulfill, where we need to produce a video with the theme "Eco" to prove that we're the best and most media savvy bloggers out there.

70% of the points given will be based on the judging of our video production (30% from voting so do remember to vote at and as an incentive, the winner will be given the camera as a reward for his/her hard work. 

So it all boils down to a video, I guess. Sort of like a video competition, if you must. And when it comes to video production, Lukey is gonna give it his all. After all the name of the ex-Video Director of EusoffWorks is at stake. Hopefully by the end of the day, I will become success Lukey!

Or maybe I should post that picture up only if I had won the award. But then my efforts of trying to imitate the success baby pose would go to waste. Oh well, fingers crossed!


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