a lil thought on @MandaSwaggie aka Amanda Bieber

Amanda Bieber. Or @MandaSwaggie. If you have been hanging around Twitter or 9gag lately, you might have noticed about people talking about her and even posting stuff about her tweets. But if you have yet to know, she tweets a lot about Justin Bieber and from an observer point of view, could be bordering on a fanatic obsession.

some examples of her tweets

I didn't pay much attention to her at first, thinking that perhaps she's one of the many star stricken teen fans out there of Bieber's (and I don't really care about people going nuts over Bieber) but when she started trending in Singapore, my interest was piqued. Or more particularly her real motives behind her actions.

this post of hers made it to trending in 9gag

You see, when someone goes into hyperdrive over a certain topic, in this case Justin Bieber, it might be wise to question whether they are really doing it for the sake of defending what they love, or whether they are just using those actions to achieve something else. Instant fame, for example.

After all, this is not the first time someone has tried using tactics like this to gain attention. It's quite simple, actually. All you have to do is to find something that a majority of people hate, for example Twilight, then you start professing your undying love for that particular subject and flaming everyone who disagrees with you (in this case people who hate Twilight) by sending them direct tweets or mentions. When humans are provoked, they would normally respond harshly to you and in the internet, that generates publicity for you because you can get people to talk about you for free (sure it's negative but it's still publicity).

Kenneth Tong for example, has done it before by actively supporting anorexia. Steven Lim used Rebecca Black and Edison Chen before. There's tons of other examples out there, but you get the drift.

Furthermore, if one were to examine Amanda Bieber's Twitter profile closely, one can't help but suspect that the whole Twitter account is fake and created just for this purpose of using Justin Bieber to gain attention. There's just 300+ tweets so far (at the time of this post), all of them about her love for Bieber and if you noticed, she is following 0 accounts. Edit: it was 0 the first time I saw it, but I forgot to screenshot it because I wasn't paying much attention but if you take a look at the people she's following, almost all of them are Justin Bieber related account. I mean if she's a real girl with real friends and a real life, at least some of the people she's following should be like her real life friends right? As expected from a tween girls Twitter profile?

some of the accounts she's following

Of course, to be entirely sure, one could look at her cache, history or something but judging from what I'm seeing currently, it's more than enough to put into suspicion of her motives. Rather than someone who is merely expressing her opinions, I see a person who is using desperate measures to gain attention. That, or it could be one of those "publicity" or "marketing" campaigns again.

Either way, people should stop paying attention to this account. All she wants is for people to follow her (an objective that is quite successful, considering that she has now 30000+ followers) and to do that, she is  intentionally provoking everyone. By being angry or annoyed by her, you  are doing exactly what people like her wants. The best way to deal with accounts or people like this is to treat it indifferently. Ignore her tweets. Let her rant on. Click the unfollow button.

Honestly, there's no need to prove who's the best singer out there. If she desperately thinks that Justin Bieber is the best, let her be. What harm can befall you if you ignore her? Your favorite singers would lose all their fans? Or would they stop producing music? Probably not. They would most likely just ignore her as well. So why there is a need to prove Amanda Bieber wrong and to show her that your point of view is correct?

If you ask me, people like her are like those people who hold the "God Hates Fags" signboards. The points and arguments that they promote makes no sense at all, if you think about it, and all they ever do is to create some small annoyance and disturbance here and there. No matter how many signboards they carry nor how many tweets they write, you know that you wouldn't change your original opinion because you know that what they are arguing for is stupid. If you leave them be at one corner, all you have to endure is just a little bit of noise but by the end of the day, it is them who will end up looking pretty stupid because they would have wasted one whole day there, holding those signboards, shouting something but yet everyone went on with their lives normally and they did not change anything.

The real problem starts when one self-righteous fella thinks that he needs to step up and bring the "God Hates Fags" people to light. By arguing with them, by trying to make them see reason, you are giving them exactly they want, attention. Most of the time, these kind of people are not there because they want to hear sound logic from you. It's because they want you to acknowledge their standpoint, to acknowledge that what they're fighting for is indeed legitimate. If you take away the attention, eventually they'll go bored and go home. After all, what's the point of trying to fight for something that people don't care about? What's the point of holding the signboard everyday if people are just gonna pass by us without even blinking an eye?

The thing is, people should learn to stop reacting to every small provocations here and there. People need to stop trying to be self-righteous, wanting to prove others wrong so that they can feel good. Because by doing this, we are feeding those that we hate. In essence, we are not really fighting for what's right or the truth, we are just trying to make ourselves feel better by giving us an excuse.

So why bother with a troll like Amanda Bieber?


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