a lil #SBA2012 update

So the other day I went to the Singapore Blog Awards website at http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2012/category/?cat=ybloggist, the one where you can see my handsome face plastered on the page to see how am I doing in terms of votes. After all, the voting does account for 30% of the final decision and should the judges decide hat I'm not handsome enough, I could always fall back to the votes.

the one and only page in SBA2012 where you can find my handsome face on

To my horror, I discovered that I had declined in votes (during that day specifically) and like any kiasu people out there, I immediately descend into a panic attack, took out a butcher knife and began hunting down the bloggers who have more votes than me. Just kidding.

As one of the finalists for the Y-bloggist category, the category consisting of creative media-savvy people, wielding a butcher knife can be so unglam and unfitting for someone who calls himself handsome (keyboards are supposed to be our main  equipment, anyway) so I sat down, posed like the famous statue "The Thinker" and decided that I should do a banner instead. A Facebook cover banner, more specifically, that people will see whenever they visit my Facebook page. And designing sounds more like what a media savvy person would do.

First, I went to cameroid.com to snap four camwhore photos like me that looked something like this:

If you noticed, the entire picture spelled out the word "vote".

Then, I went to this awesome website called FotoFlexer.com (it's an online application that works like Photoshop) and painstakingly cropped out the background using a tool called Smart Cutout to produce something like this:

I just used one picture as an example

And as the final touch, I put them together on my old Facebook cover photo using another picture editing software called GIMP (also free), added some wordings to it using PowerPoint, and voila, an awesome banner!

Am I a truly media savvy blogger or am I not a truly media savvy blogger? And a handsome one at that too! The entire process took more than 2 hours though, but it was a satisfying learning experience. And by the time I uploaded it, I was feeling very much on top of the world indeed. Or in my case, on top of my Facebook page.

But sadly, le gf™ who happens to be a designer also, saw the banner and commented that she can do better and in just less than 5 minutes, managed to churn out a banner like this:

I'm starting to think that le gf™ is seriously gonna make a better blogger than me.


  1. lol you looks like nerd inside the whole list :P

    nice blog layout! I am impress lol


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