le manicure session

Like all guys, I have female friends who enjoy going for manicure and pedicure sessions. Like all guys too, whenever a female friend brings up the topic of going to a pinky shop to have people cut your nails and paint them, my typical reaction would be something like this:

not to mention handsome too

But like any typical Asians out there, when Lounge by the Color Palette, a unisex luxury hair salon located at Chijmes, asked me whether I would like to attend a one day Men's Day Out event at their place, where I could enjoy a complimentary manicure session along with the opportunity to sample cocktails prepared by the Epic Bar Team, a group of cocktail artists, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

After all, in Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia, free things always take precedence, even over macho-ness and handsome-ness. That was the mentality instilled by my dear mum since young.

Chijmes, where the Lounge is located

le map of Chijmes, which is also near SMU

To be honest, Lounge is not the typical nail spa salon that I had expected. Located in an area like Chijmes (if you have never been there before, it's like a high class commercial area filled with pubs and classy restaurants), it offers a relaxing environment for you to just sit back, relax and enjoy a soothing nail treatment. What's better still is that Lounge aims to not just only cater to the girls, but also to the guys as well, which is the reason behind today's event. 

Besides aiming to be a comfortable nail salon, it also offers various workshops, events and gatherings from time to time to cater to their customers various needs. If you want, you could also organize your own gathering at the place too, like a birthday party, where your guests are treated to an awesome mani/pedi session while singing a happy birthday song to you. Cute right?

And from what I see, the place definitely has the looks and feel for such a gathering. They even have a bar at the center of the place too! Honestly, how many nail salons could boast having that?

an inside view of the place. doesn't look like the interior of a typical nail spa you'll find inside a mall, right?

Speaking of bar, the organizers of today's event also especially invited two cocktail artists to helped spice up the experience for us nervous guys who never been to a nail salon before. Calling themselves the Epic Bar Team, a sort of "nomadic bar" that moves around (I borrowed this quote from one of the guests, Imran, if I'm not mistaken), Louis and Andrew have had a lot of experience in giving guests of various events and parties a special kick in their drinks.

The drink that they mixed for me, a special type of Vodka with lemon, lime and some leaves (I forgot the name! Must be the alcohol) was unbelievably tasty and unique for something that is made from vodka, and I enjoyed it a lot. If only I have half the skills of them, I bet that the drinking sessions that I've organized would be the talk of the town now.

my "poison", courtesy of le Epic Bar Team

on the right we have Andrew, and on the left we have Louis, happily preparing my drink

the Epic Bar Team having an epic moment together

Now that we have some drinks going, time to move on to the highlight of the day, the nail salon itself! Aside from the relaxing environment to make customers feel at ease, the Lounge also has quite a number of techy gadgets to satisfy the different needs of their customers. One for example, is the MVO nail art machine, a DIY device that helps to paint your nails in just less than 15 minutes per nail.

I'm talking about this cute looking machine

According to Eileen, our lovely host for the day who also happens to be one of the founder of the place, all you have to do is to put your finger into the machine, choose a design that you fancy and the machine helps it to spray paint it on to your nail, just like that! There's over 500 designs installed in the machine itself for you to choose, and should you fancy something else, there's also the option of using your own photos or design as there's a USB port that you can connect to.

Everything from the colour and finger size is customizable too, so you can literally choose how your finger looks like, down to the smallest detail. Also, because the thing is a machine, you don't have to worry about the quality or the consistency of result, as there's no human factor like tiredness of your nail artist involved. The only downside is that the result doesn't last long, about 5-7 days as compared to the 3 weeks of normal art done by a manicurist, so it's more suitable for people who are not looking to keep their nail art for long, maybe for a party or an event.

le demo session of how le machine works

Aside from events and techie equipment, Lounge by Color Palette also showcases different products quarterly sourced from all over the world. For this event for example, they have eco-friendly bags individually handmade by Mexican artists using candy wrappers, which mean that each of them is unique as the design of the bag has to depend on the availability of candy wrappers. So you don't have to worry about bumping into someone using the same bag as you!

the sweet bags, since they're made from candy wrappers

It's a great place right, with so many going on in the same place. Oh and of course, now that I'm done with all the talking, it's time to sit back and enjoy my first ever nail manicure session! I must admit, to have a girl polishing your nails can be quite intimidating, especially when you're a shy guy like me.

le nervous smile

is my nails too long?

Still, I survived the session without fainting and I must say, having a manicure is quite an eye-opening experience. For starters, my nails do feel good after the manicure. And the entire process feels quite relaxing too, like my gaming destressing session. No wonder le gf enjoys going for mani/pedi so much. Perhaps I could consider doing more of mani/pedi in the future too! Perhaps.

how I generally felt after the session, glitter included

my nails are in their own little heaven now

Sorry for all the glitter. I thought having them would help to make my point clearer. But all in all, it was a great experience. I'm now one of the handful of guys who think that mani/pedi isn't a girl exclusive activity anymore and who knows, maybe the next time you pass by a nail spa/salon, you might just catch me inside pampering my nails. Maybe.

For more information, you can visit:
Lounge's Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/TheColorPalette
Lounge's Twitter @Loungeatchijmes
Louis' email @ louis@epicbarteams.com.sg


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