le job seeking experience

I've been wanting to blog lately. However, all this inactivity of me sitting in the room doing nothing but game all day has kinda dried off any of my remaining inspiration and motivation to sit down and type. And I thought that vacation would be an ideal time to write because there's nothing much to do. So I guess it's time to fall back on the usual what-I-did-today type of post.

This is basically me for this vacation

There's a common perception among people that jobs are usually quite hard to come by. I didn't used to believe in that, with that big ego of mine, thinking that as long as you tried hard enough, you'll definitely land a job you want. After sending out close to a hundred resumes later, I'm not quite sure of it anymore.

You see, a job search is a process that goes both ways. On one hand you're actively searching for the most ideal position, on the other hand the companies are also actively looking for the most ideal candidate so most of the time, you have the problem of jobs that you want doesn't want to hire you while jobs that you do not want keeps asking you for an interview. And for jobs that you want and wants you, there's external obstacles like being not able to attend the interview. Which is the reason why I'm a big dude sitting behind the computer now.

Time for a reality check. And a resume overwrite.


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