Last May

Week 5 of my semester holidays, or week 6 I think. Still very much jobless after the few interviews although I did went for a lot of trips, that I can say. Been to Penang, Batam and Bintan in just one short month and boy, was it enjoyable. Minus all the headache from all the ferry trips, of course.

This... may give you a headache

I must say, this past few weeks (and perhaps the past year) had been quite a good learning experience for me. My friend's advice of not putting all of your friendships in one clique really did make sense. I learned a lot and seen so much more than my past three years in hall combined in just these few weeks. 

It's funny to see how naive I've been last time to think that you should be dead loyal to only a group of friends because only by doing that will you matter. While you're busy thinking that, people might take you for granted and you might just end up being a fool. Le best option is to always keep your options open. Mix around, get to meet more people and make more friends until you find people who are on the same frequency as you and who will appreciate you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go puke. Will update about my latest Bintan trip when the photos are up!


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