i see...

A young girl sitting on the reserved sit. An auntie asked her if she can give the seat to her, saying that she has an injured leg. The girl agrees but as she does that she might have given a stare away that the auntie might have interpreted as offending. And thus another gossip on the Singapore web begins.

The girl might have thought that the auntie was rude, which might have caused the stare and in turn might be interpreted by the auntie as rude.

Know what I see? I see a selfish world where people thinks that they deserve everything, a world where people are brought up with the thinking that they should demand stuff and to be treated nicely, and if they are not, they would go into a rage and start treating others badly. I see a world where pride matters more than kindness and humans other than ourselves are viewed as second grade. 

And a world where even the slightest things get uploaded into the internet to be judged by everyone, thinking that they have the rights to decide who is right and who is wrong.

Why can't we all just be friends, like this what this video portrays?

It's funny to think that although the mood for both videos are really different, both of them are about humanity, us. Now which type of world would you want to live in?


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