Gaming like no tomorrow

My laptop is reaching three years old this year. In the world of computer, my laptop can be considered an old geezer already, which has lived through two world wars and have 10 kids and 55 grandchildren. In other words, it's old. So old that when I play games under a sunny weather with a surrounding temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius, it overheats and shut down.

Kinda sad though, considering that I'm such an avid gamer and my laptop chooses to shut down at the most important of time, for example when I'm about to get rampage in DotA. Okay, that can never happen, but still, having your computer shut down on you when your adrenaline is running on its peak is a major turnoff.

I would buy myself a new computer, but sadly my bank account wouldn't permit. Oh well, I guess I have no choice but to live with what I have now and improvise along the way, for example spamming my school files and laptop cooler and finding cool air whenever I can.

Not that it's bad though, because it's finally holiday! And like any traditional holiday spent away from home, holiday is the period for non-stop gaming!

Gaming like bosses in the hostel student's lounge

I'm predicting that by the time the holiday ends, my long sightedness power would go beyond the thousand. And judging by the glasses I would wear that time, you could call me "Lukey the round eyed fella" next time.

My name is Lukey, and my glasses is the epitome of my handsomeness


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