Back. From the living

Just like us waiting for the bus with Charlie Brown and co., I know some of you guys have been waiting for my next blog post for days already. There was even a line of pretty girls protesting outside my house today with banners that read "We want Lukey!" and "The word handsome is nothing without Lukey's blog". Not wanting to prolong the problem, here I am updating my blog again.

I have been eating a lot recently. Maybe because after months of deprivation without good food in Singapore, I am finally back in Ipoh, the land of cheap and good food. Also I've been tagging along with my university friends whom a lot of them are visiting Ipoh and Penang for the first time to hunt out food and enjoy the holidays.

It's great though, hanging out with friends, having heart-to-heart talk, enjoying ourselves without the slightest worry for tomorrow. We drank, ate, sang and even shot each other (in laser tag). An awesome break from the six months of studying and stress.

I can't wait til the next round of trip.


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