To comic or not

Hope you liked the song. Anyways, back to the voting! Need all the help I can get so yeah, here I am pleading like a small kid for some kind hearted people to vote for me. Man, I have contests that involve voting. Hmm... perhaps tomorrow I shall blog about a vote-help group I have in mind. But for now, these are the steps you need to take:

2. Click sign in with Facebook

3. Allow the Cineleisure to post on your behalf (you can skip a later portion that asks you whether you want to post on Facebook if you like. Wouldn't want to spam your wall with that)

4. Click vote now for! You can vote every one hour so please do help! Thanks very much!

And oh, do let me know on whether you prefer the comic blogging style or the normal wordy style or you would want both, depending on the situation. Do let me know through the comments below. Much thanks! Arigato!


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