The missing domain

The same could be said for those pesky revisions too

The dreaded final exams finally started today for me. Not so dreaded, actually, because after six semesters of doing the same thing over and over again for all of your modules, you tend to get used to it. The same old format of you as the miserable, deprived of sleep student, sitting in a exam hall, trying to vomit out every single fact that you have studied for in the past six months in two hours time. Every single exam. Who knew the paper and pen testing method can be so universally used for every single subject out there?

No matter where you're from, if you have been in school before, experience like this is very normal
On other more depressing news (yes, there are news more depressing than exam, and I'm about to tell you, excited?), the good folks at Exabytes (and I'm saying that with loads of sarcasm, in case you didn't get it) decided to take their own sweet time with giving me my blog domain back, despite me having already paid them for one year subscription.

They are saying something like my website is not hosted on their domain etc etc and despite my emails to them numerous times, their best rate of reply is just one email per day. ONE. I mean seriously? How hard is it to type to let me know what's wrong and what seems to be the problem?

To make matters worse, search engines like Google seem to have a big aversion towards websites with a .blogspot URL. Since going down on Saturday, my blog has dropped from a few hundred hits per day to only less than a 100 now.

My oh so horrible nightmare of the week

Even the stock market crash did not look that bad.

Like they said, free stuff can never be good. I got my domain free of charge two years ago from Exabytes as part of their promotion (but I switched to a paying customer last year, although I sort of downgraded my plan) and now that I'm having problem, it takes forever to solve it. Furthermore, I can switch to any other hosting company because the domain is sort of under the ownership of Exabyte. Which means that I can't do anything but to suck thumb and wait for them to decide to reply my email.

What the people at Exabytes say they see

What I see

How it really is

To all aspiring bloggers out there who just wants a simple blog based on established blogging platforms like Blogger, don't ever fall for the same mistake as me. Never host your domain with an external company. Exabytes charge me SGD 22 for a year hosting while Google, should you choose to go with it, only charges USD 10 for a year worth of hosting, which is only around 12 to 14 SGD.

And for all I know, being integrated with Blogger itself, I doubt Google hosting service would have problems such "our servers suddenly decided to take your website" down when you least expect it, causing you to lose hundreds of visitors at one go. Oh the horror.

That's right, lesson learned. If the "good folks" at Exabytes decide to continue taking their own sweet time, I guess I might just as well switch the website to instead of .com. Sigh.


  1. luke, you can transfer your domain away from exabytes to registrar like or, then point your domain name to your blogspot address.

    it costs less than USD$10.

  2. Oh I didn't know. Thanks for the advice! Gonna do it today


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