I've noticed that I've been abandoning my blog lately. It's been two days since I last posted and though I have tons of stuff going in my mind, I just can't find the time and energy to put them into words. I would still really want to rant though, it's just that I've been caught up with hall activities and other commitments for the past few days that I just can't slot any free time to. The video below is one of the examples of what has been keeping me away from blogging as of late:

Also, there's the Cineleisure's competition which the post is due to tomorrow. I am really starting to regret the choice of running solo for this competition because having a team member could really help to lighten the load. But then again, the part about averaging the points across your team is quite a turn off because the team would then only be as strong as the weakest link.

Busy is the word to describe me now, that I can say. I'm that busy til I don't even have time to play any computer games, which is quite sad if you ask me because I'm such the gamer. I guess it would be good to do some serious time management now.


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