I Can be Your Next Online Sensation: Challenge #3

Yo. Lukey here. Returning yet again in my fight to be Cathay Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation (although it's more like a losing fight... but like how they say, if you want to do something, you must do it til the very end, so I'm not giving up yet!).

To be honest, I was very close to pulling out from the competition due to the 3000 word report that I have to submit by tonight itself, and not to mention my involvement with NUS's Dance Uncensored and a additional pile of additional hall commitments that I had to settle by this week. Stuff like organizing my block supper, attending my first meeting with my hall's SCRC left very little space in my schedule for me to head down to Cineleisure to shoot this video.

Furthermore, the impending exams week in NUS also gave me a lot of trouble in finding someone to help me with the video production.

"Yes it was this close to Lukey quitting"

Thankfully, the folks at Nuffnang and Cathay were kind enough to let me extend the deadline so here's Lukey trying to be a Fashionista! I say trying because for my past life, I have spent most of it sitting in front of the computer instead of buying clothes and looking fashionable so this was definitely one big hell of a challenge for me.

But still, produced a fashion video I did (although it pales in comparison with other contestants) and below it is! Do enjoy! Will continue my rantings after the video.

So yep, I got four hauls (a watch, a t-shirt, a fedora and a berms) in total from my one day forever alone shopping spree at Cineleisure. To be honest, I was quite nervous when I first stepped into the first shop I visited because I've never really done any real life shopping alone before. It's quite embarrassing but you have to forgive me, I'm a guy you see. It's like we have a genetic flaw that makes us hate shopping.

Still, adrenaline got the better of me and I managed to complete this challenge without really embarrassing myself. Except for the time where I had to return the pants I was trying because I did not see the prize, but other than that, everything else went smoothly. I have my mother and sister to thank for that though, because as I was busy hunting for my clothes, their past advices on shopping tips kept reverberating through my head

Turns out all the items I got somehow matched perfectly too. Quite the achievement, I must say.

Not only that, I was lucky too. Stores like New Urban Male was having 50% discount storewide which helped to ease a lot of pressure from my pocket. Not only that, they also had a wide selection of funny T-shirts like the one I bought. There's one for Wordpress, another for Tumblr and even one for Youtube. Social media junkies like me would love those shirts.

To add to that, the push carts located around the mall are also treasure troves on their own. You can get almost everything at a very cheap prize. Sadly most of the items cater to girls but I still managed to picked up a 5 dollars watch from my hunting. Perhaps I have the shopping talent which I am not aware of.

Long story short, in contrast with what I've expected, shopping in Cineleisure is actually quite fun! Maybe I'll go there buy another awesome T-shirt when I have the time. But for now, vote for me! Needing all the votes I can get for this competition. Vote at http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/cineleisure-next-online-sensation/vote/

And before I take my leave, let me end off by saying...

Can I change the famous to handsome instead? Sounds much nicer

Like QiuQiu said, "Me Fashionista!"

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  1. Yes!! Lukey Keep It Up And Keep Moving On & On.

  2. lol. Keep up the good work! I will try to vote every time I remember...

  3. Lol. Keep up the good work. I will vote for you whenever I remember!


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