A Day Full of Wrongs

Hi. It's a bad day today. All the things that can go wrong sort of went wrong today. Well at least for my blog if you noticed.

For some strange reasons the company that has been hosting my blog's domain for more than a year now, Exabytes, decided to go offline today. Which means that you can no longer access lukeyishandsome(dot)com at lukeyishandsome.com and that further means that every website that once listed that address will no longer lead to redirects to my blog. And that would lead to a few thousand drops in visits, which is quite sad if you ask me.

Maybe the people at Exabytes think that I'm no longer as handsome as I claim to be and decided that they would find someone else whom they think is more worthy to carry the lukeyishandsome.com URL. Preferably someone who is not only handsome, but also has the magic power to make things float and owns a damn badass lightsaber.

Lukeyishandsome. And he owns a lightsaber that can cut you in half if you do not read his blog

Oh well, at least they released Diablo 3 today. I guess I'm more suited to be a hardcore gamer rather than a hardcore blogger. Time to save the world while waiting for Monday to come. And to the people at Exabytes, thanks for ruining my Saturday.



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