Dance Uncensored 2012

Hi mum, just wanted to let you know that your son was involved in this year's Dance Uncensored, an annual dance concert featuring dance items from all the halls of residence in his university. See that guy in the orange pants? That's your son. He's not actually the best dancer though, that I'll admit, but from being a guy who can't even pass the dance audition in his first year to performing on a big stage like this, that's a lot of improvement already. 

On top of that, I'm happy (or should I say sad) to say that although his results is currently not that good, he still really much prefers dancing to studying and is planning to join some dance again next year. It's his only avenue to stay fit and get some exercise anyway. So yeah, if you don't want to have a very fat son (because he eats A LOT), you should probably let him dance.

Oh, and did I mention? Your son was also elected into office as one if his hall's student body member, also known as the JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee). If I'm not mistaken, the last time he had to deal with adults and students at the same time was back in Form 6 when he was a prefects committee head, but that was ages ago.

This time, it's gonna be different as the committee is way much more serious and there's no teacher to spoon feed him. Also, the role is much more political in a sense. Who knows? This might be a good training ground for him to be future a politician or even the prime minister. Or perhaps the first president for the Intergalatic Alliance of Humans. And a handsome one at that too.

Okay, just joking. It's the lack of sleep talking. He just knows that this would be unlike any thing he has ever done before and to really do well, he will have to do the very best and that is exactly what he would give. With that being said, he needs to sleep. Good night


  1. Is good to follow your heart but need to strike a balance. Lop-sided is never good or healthy. Do not forget your main objective to NUS. Take care and best wishes!

  2. dancing is good, keep it moving and moving, yeh!


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