The amount of exam posts is too damn high!

One thing about final exams for Arts students in NUS is the endless writing. You're given two hours for two to three questions and then you're expected to write, write and write non-stop for that two hours given.

Somehow you feel like your entire grade depends on how much words that can flow out of your hand in that limited number of time. The person in front, behind and beside you are writing furiously too and you can't help but to try and write as much as possible to compete with them. Maybe to write even more than them.

And when another student raises to take another paper, you feel more pressured. You can't help but to wonder if there's is so much to write about in the first place? You have already used four pages for your essay and there's two blank pages left and yet the other student can at least write at least three pages more than you.

You start to panic. You stopped thinking.

"Fuck this shit," you say, and began writing anything that pops out into your head. Relevant or not, supportive or not, you just throw it in. In fact, you start throwing everything in, hoping that even if your earlier points do not make it, at least some of the points you're writing now will. Or at least the lecturer will give you some sympathy marks for writing so much.

And at the end of two hours, you have a pretty much swollen hand thanks to the extreme pressure that you used to grip your pen while writing. The you start to think to yourself whether there's an easier way to write without feeling so tortured. But then you decide maybe next exam only you'll start worrying about it. Since this exam has ended, you decide that you should at least relax for a day.

That's how all my essay exams go.

Now to find my hand back.


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