A Step Out of the Comfort Zone

Today... was a special day. It was one the days where I choose to do something completely different for a change, something that is totally outside of my comfort zone and now that I think of it, I still have no idea how I did it. Today was the day where I stood in front of my fellow hall residents, delivering a rally speech that asked for people to vote for me as their next Media Director for the 25th Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC), something like the student council you get in school except this was for hall and without teachers guiding you all the way.

I remember the time when I first stepped in into Eusoff Hall, a guy caught in a complete strange land wondering what to do or expect. I remember joining as much activities as I could, wanting to experience as many aspect of hall life as possible, wanting to have as much fun as possible and to learn as many thing as I graduate. I remember looking up at the JCRC in admiration, wondering if I could step up in their role and dreaming that perhaps one day I could be in their shoes.

The day did come today, after three years, where I stood in front, delivering my speech of why I wanted to run, why people should vote for me and what I wanted to achieve. It was a great step out of the comfort zone for me because as much as I liked media and as much as I want to share the ideas that I have accumulated over the years, I dreaded talking in public. In fact, I would have preferred to write a blog post to convince people if possible rather than standing up there having butterflies in my stomach and jelly legs all the time.

But step out of the comfort zone I did, and as much as I preferred not to talk, went up I did, because like how one of my friends put it, no regrets. This is probably the last chance I get to do something big, to do something meaningful after so many years in hall and I figured I probably wouldn't forgive myself if I did not give myself a chance to run this time.

Looking at how things turned out, I would say that the journey ahead would not be a rosy one and perhaps one that would involve more step-outs of my comfort zone along the way. But as how people used to say, if you don't try, you'll never know the things that you can achieve. Giving up is the first step towards failure and quitters never win.

I don't know what the journey ahead lies in front of me but I could say that having made this choice, I would give it the best that I have. It's like EHOC programmes all over again, where I made another major decision and I could say that if one chooses to remain in one's comfort zone forever, one could never realize your true potential. I would try and see how far I can go this time and I would definitely want to see that by the time I leave hall, people would say good job to me and appreciate all the things that I have done. In other words, it would sort of be a gesture of appreciation that I can give back to all the people that have changed me throughout my experience in hall.

An online publications, more internal projects publicity, increased JCRC presence and a centralized website. These are my goals, my vision, my destination. And I hope that by the end of one year, I could at least put into motion the plans and foundations of this initiatives. And I hope that I would have the will and the confidence to carry it through and that no matter what happens, I will not give up til the very end. Most importantly, I promise to give it my best. As I have made this decision already, as I have chosen to walk this path already, no regrets, no looking back and wondering what if. This post will be the post that will serve as a reminder whenever I have self doubts.

The rest I'll leave it to the rest of the Eusoffians to decide. Will be looking forward to the 25th Eusoff Hall JCRC.

And here's a heart shaped potato for you and me... because we love Eusoff


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