Singapore Dance Delight (SDD) Vol.3

Returning for a third time this year, Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3, also known as SDD by fans and dancers alike, and one of the top dance competitions in Singapore, attracted more than 43 dance teams from around Southeast Asia this year, all vying to be crowned SDD champions and for the chance to participate in Japan Dance Delight (JDD).

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

This year, not only did Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3 attracted the highest number of participants as compared to the past two years, the standard of all the participating dance teams were definitely higher too. I know because I attended the finals for SDD too last year. And thanks to F&N Singapore and IMSG, I had the chance to catch the SDD finals again this year. It's just a little sad that I did not make it for the blogging competition but oh well, being able to attend the finals is still better than nothing.

Anyways, lets get started with the post. Since I took a lot of pictures this time round, and since I'm prone to grammatical errors when blogging, I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking for this post. To the delight of many, Sheikh Haikel returned as the emcee for this year's SDD and with his antics and lame jokes, there was not one boring moment during the entire show as he was able to keep the audience engaged and laughing all the way. Highlight of the show? The audience had the privilege to catch a glimpse of the legendary Sheikh Haikl's stomach.

Legendary emcee, he is

And per custom of Singapore Dance Delight finals showcase, the judges were introduced and were required to perform a short dance routine to wow the audiences. This year, Machine returned as the head judge, followed by Tatsuo and Ryan while two new faces, Loose Joint and Yoshie added to the diversity and experience to the judging panel.

Machine aka Mitsuhiro Harada

Ryan Tan

Loose Joint aka Jamel Brown



The judges are awesome alright. But of course, the stars and focus of the show are the contestants themselves. Out of the 43 dance crews that auditioned, only 20 were chosen into the finals. If you ask me, all of them were amazingly strong. The teams this year definitely had pushed the bar higher. They are none other than:

1. E-MERGED Crew, Singapore

2. Freekzy Nutz, Singapore

3. N.B.A (No Boys Allowed), Singapore

4. Harlequinn, Singapore

5. XTATIC, Philipines

6. Deep Ft.

7. A-Team, Singapore

8. Joyce and the Boys, Singapore

9. F4C All Starz, Singapore

10. Urban Terrain Groovers (U.T.G), Singapore

11. Flipendemic Kru, Philipines

12. Da' Street Soulz, Singapore

13. Team Elite, Philipines

14. Elecoldxhot, Malaysia

15. Rough Addicts, Singapore

16. KO-08, Singapore

17. KRAFTFUNK, Singapore

18. The Zoo Thailand

19. Fantastic Forze Crew, Singapore

20. Urban Myx, Philipines

To be honest, the competition this year was intense. I could literally feel the heat coming on from stage. As compared to last year, where you can roughly guess the winners from the performances, this year I felt that almost all of the crews should win. The effort that they put in to their dance, the passion, the choreography, is just stunning. If only I could be half as good as them when it comes to dancing. Maybe after 10 years.

Also, the dances this year are more concept based too. From Power Rangers themed dance by U.T.G to the the Popeye funky dance by Freeky Nutz, and the drum set simulation by Joyce and the Boys, all of the teams brought their own flavor and uniqueness to the competition. It was really hard picking a favorite team that I liked, to be honest. I bet the judges had a really hard time scratching their heads trying to decide who should be crowned the champions.
In addition to the amazing performances put together by the dance teams, the audience were also treated to a beatboxing performance by Bryan and Jackie, as well as a dance off among the members of the audience themselves. Sheikh Haikel was particularly fond of a little girl though.

Like a pedobear

I just pity the other five guys who went up thinking that they had a chance to win that headset from the dance off. That little girl really spoiled market lol. 

"So why are we doing this again?"

In the end, Da' Street Soulz was crowned the champions, while Elecoldzhot took the second prize (Malaysian pride!!) and A-Team came in third. Both Joyce and the Boys and Urban Myx bagged the special mention prize. But at the end of the day, everyone of us know that every team that performed on stage was a winner. Not an easy feat, you know, to be in the finals of SDD. I bet that even if I train for 100 years I would still have trouble passing the auditions.


All in all, it was a great night. Seeing those teams perform and having fun on stage, it was quite the experience. Kinda make me want to improve myself and be a better dancer too. No wonder they call it Dance Delight, because the whole show is delightfully awesome. Yeah, bad pun, I know. Still, it was awesome. Sure hope I can attend the finals again next year. Maybe as a handsome dancer. Who knows? Bwahahaha...

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