Needed: An Internship

I've been wanting to look for an internship for this semester's holiday badly. However, with the never ending amount of assignments (1 psychology experiment report, 1 wiki project, 3 essays), readings that I need to complete, along with my hall commitments (video projects, dance practices, block head duties) and also blogging commitments (Cineleisure's next online sensation competition), I'm having quite a hard time finding a period which I'm free to browse through all the job listings and apply one by one. 

I will still go through the traditional way though, but for starters, since blogging is my home turf, I'm gonna post up a pseudo resume here to get things started. Who knows, I might just get lucky. Anyways, the details of me and the internship I'm looking for is as follows (refer bottom):


Personal Details
Name: Luke Phang Cher Hong
DOB: 11th October 1990
Gender: Male
Race: Chinese
Nationality: Malaysian

National University of Singapore (NUS) - Aug 2009 til present
- Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Psychology, Minoring in Sociology)
- Academic transcript available on request
- Entering fourth year, planning to do honors

Co-Curricular Activities:
Block Committee Head (Aug 2011 til present)
- Coordinating block participation for hall activities such as Eusoff Got Talent and Eusoff Fiesta

Eusoff Hall Orientation Co-Head (Jan 2011 til Aug 2012)
- Coordinating activities for incoming Eusoff Hall freshmen
- Liaising with NUS and hall administration to ensure a smooth orientation

Video Wing Director, EusoffWorks (Aug 2010 til May 2011)
- Involved in the training of new video wing members in terms of videography skills
- Coordinating event coverage details for hall activities and also external events

Eusoff Voluntary Corps (Aug 2009 til May 2011)
- Involved in voluntary work such as tutoring Salvation Army kids and also delivering food to the elderly
- Involved in producing and directing a short sketch featuring the Salvation Army kids (2009/10)

Other Co-curricular activities: Eusoff Hall Dance Production Dancer (2010/11, 2011/12), Chingay Dancer (2012, 2011), EusoffWorks Video Wing Member (2009/10), Student Affairs Committee member (2009/10), Drama Member (2009/10), Elixer Percussion Group member (2010/11)

Work Experience
Telemarketer/Sales personnel (Jan 2009 to June 2009)
- Involved in generating sales for company through telemarketing and presenting to corporate clients

Additional Information
Experienced blogger
- Won numerous accolades in the Singapore blogging scene, which includes being the finalists for Singapore's Blog Awards, Standard Chartered's World Coolest intern as well as being featured in Channel News Asia's Blog.TV segment
- Experienced managing different social media platforms, which includes Twitter, Blogger and Facebook pages

- Experienced in handling DSLR cameras for shooting videos and taking photos
- Experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom editing

Details of the type of internship I am looking for
Location: Either Ipoh, Malaysia or preferably the west/central side of Singapore
Duration: May to August 2012 (Negotiable)

If you're looking for someone for internship and if my qualifications are suitable, please feel free to contact me at . Else you could also comment on this post and I'll get back to you. Thanks! And now to return to my assignments.


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