My Massively Effective 3 Adventures #3

Warning: This post may contain spoilers for Mass Effect 3 

"The scariest enemy are not the ones that you can see, but rather are the ones that stab you in the back" - Luke Phang, 2012

This guy is now officially on top of my s**t list

I had always thought that Cerberus were the good guys. Even though their methods might be extreme, I had always thought that they meant well. After all, humanity couldn't survive the threats of the galaxy without a black ops here and there. Besides, they did revive me (if not I wouldn't be here writing this post) to fight the Collectors threat six months ago. Had they not done that, the Reaper War might have been lost long ago. 

But today, see what they have done at Thessia, I couldn't help but to want to rip the entire organization apart and throw the Illusive Man unto one of the Reaper's spike to turn him into a freaking husk. I mean, what's with the obsession with wanting to control the Reapers? Besides, the image of the Prothean VI saying that there's indoctrinated presence when Kai Leng landed, that sent chills down my spine. I can't help but think that perhaps this is the reason why Cerberus has been up to all this nonsense, undermining the galaxy's effort to prepare for the Reapers.

Indoctrination: Scaring the s**t out of you when they reveal themselves

Before Thessia, I thought that perhaps we may stand a chance after all against this unstoppable Reaper force. I have gained as many war assets as possible and achieved two feats that no single soul in the galaxy once thought possible. Brokering the alliance between Turians and Krogans, and not to mention getting the Quarians and Geth to stop fighting each other, that's four species that I've managed to subdue. It's not often a human gets to settle intergalactic conflict without much bloodshed, especially if the conflict is centuries old.

Still, seeing the Turians, Krogans, Quarians and Geth put aside their age old animosity and choose instead to focus on a brighter future, a common goal, gives me hope that if we work hard enough, we will persevere. And that peace is always achievable, all we need is a little trust.

This should go down in history books

And now, I'm going to hunt that Cerberus down. And maybe dangle the Illusive Man from a pole in a husk infected territory and say "Control them now, you %$#$%%^".

Note: This blog post is part of a few series of blog post written from a first person perspective of Lukey playing Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. I figured that since I play Mass Effect 3 that much, why not write posts out of it? So here you go. A series of Mass Effect 3 blog posts, Lukey style


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