My Massively Effective 3 Adventures #2

Warning: This post may contain spoilers for Mass Effect 3

I met Jack today. Boy oh boy, Jack. It's been more than six months since I last saw her and out of the entire crew I had during the assault on the Collector's base, she was one of the few that I wondered how would their life change after the incident. To think that she's now a teacher at Grissom Academy, teaching students who possess biotic abilities like her and calling them kids, that's a far cry from how I used to know her. If you were to tell me about this 6 months ago, I would have laughed straight at your face. But to see it in person, well, I'm just speechless.

I still remember the day when we first found her in a prison facility locked up in stasis. Her constant curses and distrust and the suspicion she aroused from strangers. She's the epitome of what you would call a badass, if you asked me. Independent, not giving a bullshit about what others think and insisting on sticking to her ways, that's not something you'll find in every humans.

Jack, then

I don't blame her though. The torture that she was put through as a child at the hands of Ceberus, any normal kid would have chose the easy way out. And looking bad, I knew that I shouldn't have trust the Illusive Man when he said he didn't know about the entire operation. Seeing how Ceberus soldiers are experimented on, I'm more than sure that he does all these diabolical experiements at every chance he gets, at the pretense of ensuring the survival of humanity. Humanity's best interests at heart my ass.

Still seeing that there's still some good that came out of the conflict with the Collectors and now the Reapers, it gives me hope. And it make me realize now more than ever that I am not going to sit down idly while watching Reapers tear us apart. I'm gonna give them hell at least, or die trying.

That's the new her, if you're wondering

Girls aside, I also went to extract the head of the Turian government at the request of their Councillor. Something about Earth not getting help if don't. Little did I know that their homeworld was under attack from the Palaven too. Makes me feel bad about sparing their fleet when even their planet is under attack. It's like, "Hey, I know that you're a little busy with the Reapers right now... but I was wondering if you can spare some of your fleet, no make that all of your fleet to help Earth? I mean after all we're humans and I'm human and we're like the most important species in the galaxy so yeah... and I certainly don't want my favorite fast food restaurant to go up on fire before I return".

Kinda silly, isn't it? But I guess that's how every species view themselves. More important than the others. And I thought stereotyping and prejudice was an human issue.

Still, after helping the Turians do a lot of random chores like repairing the comm tower (asking the great Commander Shepard to help with repair jobs... right), the Turian Primach agreed to help on one condition. That their homeworld be freed first before lending support to us. Sounds reasonable enough, if you ask me. The only catch is that we have to enlist the help of the Krogans. Yep, the "I want to do nothing but fight all day" Krogans.

We're gonna hold a war summit though to see how things turn out and having the Krogans attend, that's gonna be interesting. I wonder what they'll say.

Note: This blog post is part of a few series of blog post written from a first person perspective of Lukey playing Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. I figured that since I play Mass Effect 3 that much, why not write posts out of it? So here you go. A series of Mass Effect 3 blog posts, Lukey style


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