My Massively Effective 3 Adventures #1

It has been more than six months since the time when I literally flew to the middle of our galaxy to stop the Collectors and stall the invasion of the Reapers. More than six months since Sovereign attacked the Citadel and threatened the stability of the Galactic Council. More than six months since I last saved the galaxy and the gazillion inhabitants in it, twice. TWICE.

Middle of the galaxy, been there, done that

Yet, for some really strange reasons, someone decided that I should be under house arrest instead for a whole six months. Six months locked inside my own house, not being able to do anything. Even though I have saved the galaxy twice, experienced the horror of the Reapers first hand and lived to tell the tale. Somehow, instead of letting me prepare for the imminent invasion of the Reapers, alongside with the twelve of my comrades who survived the assault on the Collectors Base, I was cut off contact from all of them and left to rot in my own house.

I wonder who's stupid idea might that be. And despite my status as a Spectre, and despite everything that happened, I chose to do nothing and let them lock me up instead. Someone must have thought it would make a better story if I were to be placed under house arrest rather than given a chance to prepare instead. I just don't understand those people in higher positions sometimes.
And you thought helping all the races eliminate the unstoppable Sovereign might have at least given me some bargaining chip

And now, Reapers are attacking Earth. Despite all the combined power of our fleets, they managed to annihilate everything in their path and start their conquest. I was tempted to say "I f***ing told you so" to the Alliance committee when I first saw the Reaper ship land, but then they died by the Reaper's powerful laser attack before I had the chance to do so.

Luckily for me, I think that the Reapers didn't know that I was under house arrest back on Earth when they attacked. Or they would have sent all the forces they have to get me. I mean, after defeating them twice now, they should know that name Commander Shepard is a name to be feared. But I guess they didn't learn their lesson (being the most powerful species in the galaxy tends to make you feel invulnerable, I guess), so I had the chance to catch a ride out on Normandy to seek help for the Reaper threat. They didn't take out Normandy too. Another big mistake.

As you can see, Earth is in a pretty bad shape now. Luckily I have "to get help" as my excuse

 So here am I, back in Normandy after more than six months, helping the galaxy to kick some Reaper ass again. This time is different though, because from the looks of it, the whole galaxy is under siege. Which means that the success or failure this time would ultimately mean the survival or extinction of the various species of the Milky Way.

My selves from the alternate universes (yes, I have the ability to communicate with my alternate universe self, which makes me even more badass) have told me that this time, every bit of my actions has a significant impact. Make one wrong decision and an entire species dies. Which is quite scary though, if you ask me, but I guess this is part and parcel of being Commander Shepard. Luckily I have my alternate realities selves to tell me what could happen. Sort of gives me a headstart on the things I can expect.

Still, though I have a galaxy to save, I still have other responsibilities to fulfill. Because unlike the other people in the universe, I seem to possess dual lives that switch when I sleep. While I'm Commander Shepard in this universe, I am also Luke Phang in another. That other life is much more duller, that I can tell you, without Reapers and save the galaxy stuff but somehow I seem to spend more time in that life instead. I just hope the galaxy doesn't get wiped out before I return. After all, what can others do without the great Commander Shepard?

Note: This blog post is part of a few series of blog post written from a first person perspective of Lukey playing Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3. I figured that since I play Mass Effect 3 that much, why not write posts out of it? So here you go. A series of Mass Effect 3 blog posts, Lukey style


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