Hell Week: Phase 2

Things to do this week:

1. Presentation on Tuesday

2. Dance Production actual day performance and bump ins

3. Attend SEP briefing and follow up with the procedures if interested

4. Attend lectures and tutorials

5. Do that stupid SC3208 assignment. Which involves me traveling to Chinatown alone, stepping into the Hindu temple and ask them about pictures I took last week. Some lecturers love to think that their module is the only module we're taking in NUS. Sheesh.

6. Try to catch up with readings

7. Another project group meeting

I know I shouldn't be complaining, because some of my friends have it worse than me, (I sincerely salute them for that) but sometimes I just can't help myself but to be jealous of people like Steven Lim or Aaron Tan. While they have the free time to make lame videos trying to prove who is the better guy, I have a hard time finding chances to be online. The only time when I have the chance to do so is while waiting for my hair to dry.

I guess this is the reason why university students like us who are living in hall normally doesn't really care much about bo liao people like them trying to prove god knows what constantly.

Oh well, shouldn't compare. Aside from the academic stuff like the I'm-gonna-so-die-assignment, I prefer this kind of life though. Constantly pushing myself to the limits and experiencing new things. Part of my life motto. I just they would just give me more time to sleep. Because I'm naturally a pig.

That aside, lets hope I have the time to blog about Chingay tomorrow! Sneak peak picture for you all:

And yes, those are real fireworks behind

IF I find the time.


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