I'm bored. Plus I don't really have anything suitable to write for today's post. On one hand, I would like to rant the hell out on what I'm feeling right now but that wouldn't be very wise due to the consequences that I might suffer later on, and on the other hand, I would like to write about this whole issue of an Adeline Chia insulting K-pop fans but my proficiency in English just couldn't match up to hers so it would just look like a bug trainer trying to take on the Elite Four.

It kinda bothers me sometime though, that when you have a lot to say, things that you think would really make a good argument, but you just can't seem to put them into words. Like it or not, to make a good argument, you need to have a good command of English to bring your point over. Having a lot of thoughts in your head doesn't count if you cannot articulate them. If you are not able to make the other side understand what you're trying to say, the whole discussion is not going to go anywhere.

Just take a look at real life examples. The best debaters are often the people who are well versed in language while the not-so-good ones are the ones that often struggle to find a word to illustrate what they are trying to say. Which is perhaps the reason why I never got a lot of marks from discussion sessions in tutorials. Even as a so called university student, I am still able to churn out loads of typos without fail in just one blog post (I'm sure Chern Tze would agree to that).

Wait a minute, that also explains why I am still not a famous blogger even though I've been spamming posts for three years already. Because my Engrish just couldn't make it.

English classes, anyone?


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