Yesterday was Wednesday, a day which I have almost a full day to myself, to do whatever I want. Logically speaking, it would be best for me to fully utilize the day by doing something useful such as cleaning my room or brainstorming ideas for my upcoming commitments. Heck, perhaps I could even learn a new skill or practice my dance moves if I have the will to do it.

But no, I was instead busy living life as my alter ego (a cat named Lukey) in the lands of Skyrim, exploring ruins and killing bandits.

If you ask me, the situation that I'm facing now kinda reminds me of Digimon Adventures 2 because like them, every time I open Skyrim, it's like entering into another world and being another whole different person there. It's just like how Davis and the gang enters the Digimon and then proceeds to spend almost the entire day in the Digimon world solving quests there, much like how I would spend my time in Skyrim.

I'm like him, except that my world is Skyrim rather than the Digital World

The two are uncannily similar if you think about it. If the Digital World had been a game, Davis and his friends would be branded as computer games addicts who hogs the computers everyday after school just for games. And vice versa for Skyrim. If Skyrim is instead an alternate universe in which one can really enter, I would be a hero by now with an anime detailing my story.

I guess that kinda explains why I'm so hooked unto the game. It's the escapism that it offers from everyday life, like how the Digimon offered the kids an escape from their otherwise dull and boring school life. But unless my computer can suck me in, I guess that's where the similarities stop. How I wish if life was like Digimon. Oh well, perhaps not in this universe


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