Rambled Thoughts

Going back to my hometown has always evoked this strange feeling inside me. It is partly nostalgic, remembering all the silly stuff that once happened before and all the sweet memories associated with it. It is also the feeling wanting everything you know to stay the same no matter how long you've been away; be it your friends, your house, your favorite coffee shop, things like that.

I guess that makes you feel safe in a way. It's like no matter how tough life gets out there, there's still a place that will always stay the same for you to return to. I guess it's human to want to keep something static and the same forever. Familiarity, after all, gives a sense of security. We want something that gives us pleasant memories to forever stay the same so no matter what happens, we can always return to it as a source of strength, comfort and encouragement.

Sadly, life rarely has it that way. No matter ho much you want something to stay the same, change is inevitable in life. It's a part of it.

Coming back, I had hoped for a lot of things to stay the same. I had hoped for my favorite hang out place to stay the same, for my friends to stay the same, for almost everything that I have once known to stay the same. But like it or not, people change, places change. Nothing is permanent in life.

I guess one could only hold back to those memories and treasure it as something that can never come back, no matter how much we want it to. Seeing how some of my friends have moved on in life to become a much different person than who I used to know just made me miss the old days even more. The carefree days, the happy times that we spent, all these cannot be brought back as time sweeps pass you.

But no matter what, I'm still happy to have come back. Meeting your long lost friends, despite how they changed, can still remind you of once upon a time when life was much simpler and much more innocent. Seeing how each of you have progressed in life makes you treasure this moment that you're living on even more and reminds you that time is ever flowing around you. It makes you much more aware of the mortality and the fragility of life.

Sigh. The emotions that home can evoke in you.


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