Not Easy

Blogging is never easy. As a person who is writing something that will most probably be immortalized in the internet forever, there's a lot to worry about. For starters, the topic that you want to blog about must be taken into serious consideration. You'll never know what kind of backlash that you might provoke and in a worse case scenario, it could ruin your future and your relationships with other people.

Which is kind of an headache for me though. On one hand, you do not want to piss people off and you want to maintain that good boy / good girl image of yours. But on the other hand, you know that that if you do not write about that, all you can write about is what color are the clouds today. And besides being a place to vent out your feelings, a blog can also be a place where people can understand how you feel in an indirect way.

I miss the days when I can just blog freely and bitch about anything with only a few close friends reading it. That way, I could write whatever I want without really worrying about the possible negative effects my blog could generate. Like how a friend commented today of how much I have been shooting people since I got famous. And I'm not even famous to begin with.

Before we start arguing, just a simple case in point. Compared to other bloggers out there, I have only 298 followers in Twitter, 154 followers for this blog and 236 fans on Facebook for this blog. And from all the visits I gain, most are unique visits from SEO searching for stuff like "girl who had sex 300 times" and only a tiny fraction are returning visits meaning that most people only stop by my blog for once and they're off. For me, it's not the first time visits that counts but rather the returning visits that is important in sustaining the visits.

So I'm by no means famous yet. And I'm definitely not wanting to start gaining fame through the controversial method of flaming.

Perhaps I should start keeping a diary and start blogging about the changes in cloud color everyday.

And by the way, the color of the clouds today is white with a tinge of gray


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