Mysterious Call

A few hours ago, I received a call from an unknown guy who said that he was calling me because he has a super big project that he needs help on and I was referred to by someone as being a responsible person. While normally I would have jumped at the opportunity of being part of something big, I couldn't help but feel a little suspicious about the whole matter.

For starters, he was incredibly secretive. When I asked what was the project about, whether it has to do with either blogging or videography, all he could say is that the project is important and it would be best for us to meet up straightaway to discuss about it. When I asked whether he could send me an rough email about the project so I can go through it, he says that he doesn't use email. A further probe about who referred me yielded a reply that says "it is not appropriate for me to reveal the referral name in my profession". Anyone smell a fish in here?

I smell something fishy here too

Not only that, he was really eager to meet me too. So eager in fact that he was okay with coming all the way to the east just to discuss about the "project". From what I can see, there's a high chance that this is not the normal blogging assignments nor video production that I normally meddle with. Maybe it's more than that. A few possible scenarios that I have thought out in my mind:

1. The guy is actually one of the few remaining members of an ancient organization that protects the Earth and an ancient evil is now threatening the peacefulness of our world. Only the chosen one can stop the evil and after a long and arduous search, he decided that I am the Dragonborn who is destined to restore peace unto Earth!

2. The guy is one of the members of the 2012 committee. As the movie portrayed, Earth is coming to an end in 2012 and only a few selected people can board the ship. As one of the handsomest blogger in Singapore, I was selected to pass the handsome gene down

The ark in 2012

3. I accidentally pissed off a mafia boss and now he wants to secretly dispose of me by tricking me to meet up one of his henchmen who will then poison me and dump my body into the Bedok Reservoir

4. The guy is a fan who wants to kidnap me as a private collection. Or maybe confess to me

5. Or he could be one of the usual salesman who tries to get you into a MLM scheme, sell you a credit card or sign an insurance plan

6. Or perhaps it's really a big project and I'm being too paranoid.

Either way, the suspense is killing me.


  1. Since he's willing to all the way to the east, why not? You have got nothing to loose.


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