My Skyrim Adventures #1

I finally killed the emperor today. Emperor Titus Mede II, the emperor who signed the White-Gold Concordat with the Elves, who indirectly kickstarted the rebellion in Skyrim, now laid dead in front of me, an assassin sent by the Dark Brotherhood.

As one of the city guards put it, it was one of the most daring act from the Dark Brotherhood, the famed Assassins Guild in centuries. Months of preparation and planning, countless bribes and near misses have finally paid off. Despite all the odds, the emperor is now dead.

Farewell, my emperor. You will be remembered

With that being said, it's surprising to note how little resistance he offered though. When I stepped into the room, instead of the gasps of disbelief or the guard's ambush, he was there sitting by the table, saying that he knew that I would have come and would gladly die by my blades. After all, he said, the fate of emperors and assassins are always tied together so even if he survived now, sooner or later, he would still die. Such fitting wisdom for an emperor indeed.

Although it may be called the assassination bid of the century, it sure came with a heavy price. A terrible price indeed. The sanctuary that I have came to call home for the past few months now lay in ruin while the people that I have come to call family are mostly dead, no thanks to me.

If I had known all this would have happened, I would have never accepted Astrid's, the Dark Brotherhood's leader, offer in the first place. If I had not joined the Dark Brotherhood, they would have continued on their uninterrupted existence as always. Happy and carefree, away from the watchful eyes of the emHow would I have known that the Dark Mother would have picked me out of so many assassins to be her Listener? How would I have known that out of the countless contracts out there, she would pick one that targets the emperor, which in turn cause the near demise of the last remaining Dark Brotherhood in Tamriel?

The note that started everything

But what has passed stays in the past. Like the Dark Mother said, as long as I'm alive, the Dark Brotherhood lives on. From the ashes of the old Brotherhood, a new one will rise. One that will hopefully regain its former glory like the ones in the past, feared and respected by many.

Thankfully, amidst everything, two remaining members, Nazir and Babette, still lives. Using the money gained from the emperor's contract, I've managed to contact an old friend from mine from the Thieves Guild, to help rebuild the old Sanctuary near Dawnstar. Better still, Cicero, the joker who I left alive earlier, also came back to care for Night Mother. Along with the two new initiates whom Nazir recruited, I'm sure the six of us would bring glory to the Dark Brotherhood again.

Perhaps there's a silver lining after all to all this carnage.

The newly fitted sanctuary that we now call home

On a side note, I managed to track down Amound Montierre a few days ago and murdered him right in his sleep. Serves him right for wanting to kill the emperor using unscrupulous ways. If it's not for him, this whole mess would not have started and the family wouldn't have to die under the hands of the Imperials. Besides, it was also a promise I made to the emperor before I killed him. The emperor earned my respect alright and that's the least I can do for him out of that respect. After all, like the emperor said, one that kills for the position of power doesn't deserve to live. I personally take joy in knowing that although he succeeded in wanting the emperor killed, he could not live to enjoy it.

As for me, I think I'll go back to living my life as the Dragonborn and the Thieves Guild master while adjusting my role as the Listener for the Dark Brotherhood. Perhaps pay the boy, Aventus Aretino a visit in Windhelm some day to see how he is doing. Maybe even recruit him as an addition for our new family.

No matter what, further adventures in Skyrim awaits and I think I'll keep jotting down my adventures in this journal should someone decide to study the life of the Dragonborn Lukey in the future. I'll keep writing alright, until the day someone decides to shoot an arrow to my knee.


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